Friday, August 5, 2011

The Effect of the Sexual Revolution on Dating (even if you don't sleep around)

Susan Walsh's blog has some interesting and highly scientific diagrams illustrating the effect of the Sexual Revolution. And while you might not agree with everything she has to say, she is dead on, in this instance.

First of all, prior to the Sex
ual Revolution, men and women paired off like this. There were roughly as many women as men, and everyone paired off.

The benefit of monogamy is that almost everyone has someone.

The Sexual Revolution was supposed to give everybody what they wanted, and for us to be able to sate our hedonist lusts. But shortly enough, women realized that they did not need to go for guys the same level as themselves, they could have the hottest guy they could seduce. On the other hand, guys just got as many and as much as they could. And naturally, this lead to some men who get a lot and some, who get none at all.

Now, how does this affect us? After all, as a church, we don't sleep around. And statistics show, that if we do slip, we don't repeat it.

But while we try to not be of the world, we do share a culture. And a large unmarried population only distorts what we see as available. This in and of itself, gives an inflated sense of where you stand in the dating spectrum.

There is no sense of urgency, which leads to a bigger and bigger unmarried population. At the current rate of decline, the marriage rate will reach zero in roughly 35 years. But that was better explained in a previous post.

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