Sunday, April 17, 2011

The current Marriage Climate

Someone in conference might have mentioned something about young men getting married. And I totally support this, though I suspect Elder Packer's comment to the women as well deserves some emphasis, but not in this post.

But what I wanted to do here, is point out how the law and courtroom climate we have, disincentivizes that. It does not help that so many of us have seen friends and parents divorce, what was taken for granted as something we could do, now fills all of us with wariness.

One of the consequences of feminism was greater support for divorce and divorcees. Perhaps it made sense at one point, but now, most women can pretty well divorce at any point and get financially set for a long period of time - all the benefits of marriage without the hassles.

"This is how absurd it is: I have paid her $16 million, I am left with about $8.5 million, out of which I have to pay her another $5 million.
"So she'll get something like $21 million, and I am left with $3.5 million, and we never had children.
"People say "why didn't you have a pre-nup?" The answer is I did have a prenup but it had no legal force in the UK and to my astonishment, I found that it didn't have legal force in the United States either.
"It...only had 'advisory' influence."

In the world at large, many men are growing wary of marriage as an institution, because it offers them nothing, while leaving all the power in the hands of the women - not the equality or egalitarian that was advertised.

The law and the practice of law needs to be honestly equal, or it will continue to dissuade many from marriage at all.

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  1. Amen to that. I don't know how many men I have heard share your sentiment.

    Another sad point in this is that it gives encouragement to men to practice homosexuality as an alternative.

    These divorced women then seek out "love." In any way they can get it. Sometimes they can even turn a blind-eye to the visiting male having agreed sex with their young teenage daughter, to encourage his return. The mother tells herself that it is OK as her daughter was practicing sex anyway (or needed to learn), so what does it matter?