Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 Transhumanism & Spirituality conference in Salt Lake City

A little off topic, but....

This Friday is the 2010 Transhumanism & Spirituality conference in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah on 1 October 2010. I am very excited and will be in attendance. I invite all of you as well!

When: Friday, 1 October 2010, 9:00am to 5:00pm MDT

Where: University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Marriott Library, Gould Auditorium

What: At the Transhumanism and Spirituality Conference 2010, we will explore the intersection of religion, science, spirituality and technology, from a transhumanist perspective. Transhumanism advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities, and observes that if our rapid technological evolution continues to accelerate then humanity will become a new species before the end of the 21st century.

Who: Keynote speakers for the conference include former director of the World Transhumanist Association, James Hughes; author of the Transhumanist Manifesto, Max More; and renowned LDS scholar and author, Terryl Givens. Sponsors of the conference are the Mormon Transhumanist Association and the Transhumanist Alliance of Utah.

How: Register online ( for a discount and reserved seating! Online registration is $50 ($25 for students) until 29 September. Registration on the day of the conference will be $80. Students with ID will be admitted to the conference free of charge, as space permits. Students wishing reserved seating are encouraged to register at the discounted student rate.


  1. Are you serious?

    If our "scientists" continue preaching their false dogmas of the "theory science" religion, and people continue to be gullable enough to believe it we may evolve into monkeys.

    Our engineers are very inventive, and we are making great strides in that area. But otherwise all of our technology has got us nowhere.

  2. Even if our understanding is imperfect, does that mean trying to understand the universe is bad? Adam was commanded to subdue and govern the earth. How can he do that, without trying to understand? "But to be learned is good, if they hearken to the commandments of God".

    I, personally, don't pay any more attention to scientists on a crusade against religion, than I do priests on a crusade against science.

    God gave us a brain, and he expects us to use it.

  3. I believe in sensible study of known facts and exploring into the unknown as much as anyone.

    But your reference to a brain (and please don't take this personally as I mean no offense) is just another part of the false science we have been fed since birth.

    All that has been proven about brains is that they create electrical impulses that we use to move our bodies. Also those who are born with normal size brains tend to use the same parts when under certain emotions.

    The brain is a gray blob of matter that our intelligence uses to communicate to the body. It has no thought, nor can it store anything like the almost endless information we have stored in our intelligence.

    The thing that bothers me is that science has been made by atheists to oppose belief in God. Now that may not be the intention of some scientists. But that is beside the point.

    The question has to come down to the point of do you believe that the earth was created in 7,000 years as the Scriptures DO say? Do you believe that Adam was the "first flesh upon the earth" as the Scriptures DO say. Do you believe that no animal bones found upon this earth can have existed before Adam's birth as the Scriptures DO say. Or do you change the Scriptures to suit the "modern" philosophies of men?

    Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. You can't successfully have a foot in both camps.

  4. The Glory of God is Intelligence, not naive fundamentalism. Not even Joseph Feilding Smith believed it was created in 7000 years, and certainly not Joseph, the Prophet. You have to at least know your scriptures before you can really say you believe them.

  5. Zen

    I should first say that I like your site. I have a link to it on mine.

    However as usual of those defending modern science you feel that quoting JFS is quoting my source of inspiration for having an opinion contrary to modern science.

    The source of my opposition is the Holy Ghost and the Scriptures.

    Abraham chapter 3 states that 1,000 years of ours is one day to God in the literal sense. In the very next chapter we have the account of the creation. That would be a sudden change of reference to conclude the days weren't the same.

    What Joseph Smith said was that the products we used to create the earth were old. He didn't say the earth itself was old.

    Abraham chapter 4 also says that we watched those things that we ordered until they obeyed us. We would have dreadful eye strain if we are to believe it took millions or particularly billions of years.

    I appreciate that you have read simple answers to challenges to modern science. But the fact is that the Scriptures greatly oppose modern science.

    A careful reading of Abraham will demonstrate the true order of creation. You will find in reading the Scriptures that man was made before all other living things. This completely refutes the feeble (and should I add completely unproven in any truly scientific way) concepts of modern man.

    This whole thing is a pathetic attempt by atheists to move you away from truth.

    Man was indeed "the first flesh upon the earth, the first man also." There was no dinosaur age. There was no ice age. There was no being living tens of thousands of years ago.

    There is no real scientific evidence for any of these theories. There is only concensis of those involved in its preaching.

    Modern science is the largest religion in the world. People believe its priests. And even some of its priests are conned.