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The Increasingly Antagonistic War of the Sexes: Dating

I read once that Lucifer's goal was to unite what God has separated, and to separate what he has put together. The war of the sexes has only festered hotter and hotter. Neither side is the sole guilty party, and I am very suspicious of anyone who lays blame more on one side than the other. This is not the ordinary antagonism that stems from "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" - from ordinary differences in gender. This war, as now raging, will end in the destruction of the family -and civilization as we know it, unless we cease to fight on its terms. I am going to take some time to discuss the battlegrounds this war takes place on. If you can only see mostly one side at fault - YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

A post over at Gently Hew Stone described how political correct genderism is now veering anti-male. Or we could look at the whole Tiger Woods debacle. My goal would never be to defend his philandering, but to point out the extreme double-standand when it came to domestic abuse. The American Media seemed to prefer bizarre cover stories to what actually happened that night with the SUV and broken window, while the Swedish media, encouraged his wife to hit him again. Can this kind of an attitude do anything but drive the sexes apart?

Today, let's look at dating.

The world of dating is in sad sad shape. The dynamics of dating have shifted significantly since the rise of the sexual revolution. Dating once had a goal of courtship and marriage - now it is primarily short-term enjoyment. Once the goals of dating and also marriage shifted, patterns of dating changed as well. And who did these change in patterns benefit? By and large, they benefitted the Alpha Male (and arguably the Alpha Female). They were the ones that got all the attention and sex they could handle. The Beta Males (ordinary Joes) were the big losers, along with Beta Females once they were past their prime.

Things might be better in the Church, but if so, only marginally. Roughly a third of adult church membership is single.

We have more dating services than ever before, online and offline, and an increasingly large and frustrated body of single adults. And it isn't getting better.

This has led to the rise of "Game" and its practitioners, the pick-up artists.

Now, I will not condemn all usage of Game because parts of it are genuinely useful. But in general, its purpose is help beta-level men to seduce women. Many guys turn to this, not out of a desire to be Don Juan's or Casanova's, but simply because dating these days makes Wall Street cutthroats look warm and fuzzy and fishing in the Sahara look worthwhile. They are mainly just average nice guys tired of finishing last.

It is bad enough that even the top of the chain pick-up artists complain about it.

A recent comment over at The Spearhead points out clearly both the problems with Game, and why

One of my problems with Game, which Todd White and Elliott point out, is the inherently degrading worldview that is a result of embracing the philosophies of Game and evolutionary psychology out of context. Most supporters of Game merely argue that it is what it is. Humanity and human nature are ugly so get over it. But to me this is too simple an answer. Do women, by their very nature, typically only want to mate with thugs and practitioners of game, and raise children in fatherless broken homes? In the west at the present moment, one could answer yes and present a host of evidence to support that claim. But was it always this way throughout human history?

Things have not always been this way. While it can be dangerous to rhapsodize about the past, we used to have stable families that loved each other. This is much better for spouses, and even when there is no love lost between the parents, it is better for the children. Both genders are taking advantage of the easiest way - non-committal sex and no families to burden them. Likewise, the reason divorce rates have been dropping has more to do with marriage rates dropping than any sudden increase in virtue.
A strong argument could be made that the fact that a large portion of males who are healthy and financially stable (Betas) are hated and rejected by most women is a symptom of societal and cultural decay, not human nature or nature’s ideal for evolution. The fact that using heroin could make me a junkie isn’t proof that it’s my nature to be a junkie. Similarly, the fact that most women are amoral, and hookup with as many thugs and bad boys as possible in their youth, and then expect a nice guy or the “State” to pay for their offspring isn’t indicative that this is the norm and how it should be. This is enabled through corrupt government and cultural decay. Similarly, women’s behavior and taste in men has also been affected by this decay and a lack of quality men (i.e. fathers) and women (i.e. wise mothers and grandmothers) in their lives.

This is in the World, but too often, these same attitudes creep in by osmosis, among us.

I won’t go into depth here, but the masculinization of women probably plays a large role in why you need Game these days to get a woman. A normal healthy man doesn’t do it for them anymore. They need someone who represents a hypermasculine ideal to get their juices flowing, whether it is a thug or a Gamer that fools them. Again, this isn’t proof that this is simply the nature of women and how things are.

This is what we call a Red Queen's Race, from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass. We all have to move fantastically fast merely to keep up, and get ahead, you have to move even faster than that. What was good enough for dating 60 year ago, or even 30 years ago, simply is not sufficient to garner any attention these days, unless you are particularly good looking or are particularly natural with women.

If you want to keep score on who is at fault in this war, the score is currently
Men: 2
Women: 2
Both for Acting like jerks (1) and shortchanging the Family (1).

This is only going to get more vicious as we discuss marriage, divorce, gay marriage (and not for the reasons you are thinking).

The war of sexes is nobody's friend.

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